About Us

OA3 has successfully become one of the most rapidly growing company in Pakistan leading the others by providing state of the art IT related services and security surveillance technologies. We have been very loyal to our clients as we care about them at a very high extent therefore we believe in offering competitive prices that shows our devotion towards yourself.

OA3 is providing state of the art security and surveillance services through which you can get hold of real time meaning of the word “Security”. All of our surveillance solutions offer advanced video surveillance using IP networks and a variety of IP-Surveillance products at reasonable prices.We don’t exaggerate about what we say or what we have done in past but our work justifies everything itself. On top of the security services we also manage IT infrastructure of different businesses and streamline all the IT related operations making sure the decorum of that meticulous business is maintained.

Apart from the aforementioned services; OA3 has always been a part of designing, creating and merchandising of technology products. We are excelling the nature of work that we are involved in and using our expertise in IT infrastructure, Security & Surveillance and Software Development we strive to provide the most professionalcohesive solutions in the fields of manufacturing, public sector, telecommunication, academia and healthcare.

Above all, we always prioritized the value of our client the utmost and most primary target to be objective. No wonder that our business objectives are secondary but we have always provided services with the extent of unmatched quality.

Our Mission

Becoming globally recognized by providing state of the art strategies and techniques is our main goal. On above of that we always deem to give the maximum result oriented and proficient services.

Our Vision

A leader of the market with quality services through a user friendly platform.